The short answer: “any data you need”. The correct answer is: “any data you need and can have your hands on within a reasonable time frame, in a usable format”.

Most of the 3rd party BI and ETL systems access data of the basic SAP tables only. Sure, you can find everything there – but it costs a lot. Well paid IT teams spend time to export full SAP tables, and parse-join-filter-aggregate-format SAP data – and you pay a lot just to have  the data-from-here-to-there part done without added business value.

VirtDB’s approach is different – Data Unfolder enables business users to push almost any kind of SAP data to external systems. Not just basic tables, but processed, aggregated, formatted SAP data sets, like those from

-custom or standard SAP ABAP reports, even ancient write lists,

-SAP QuickViews (transaction SQVI),

-SAP Queries (transaction SQ01)

-and of course you can export data from regular tables and views as well.


To make sure VirtDB covers all SAP reporting needs, we’ve gone through the ultimate checklist of TOP40 SAP transactions which is compiled by analyzing usage statistics from thousands of SAP landscapes. We are proud to announce that VirtDB Data Unfolder works fine with all of the reporting transactions on the list.

And a sneak preview from our product roadmap: we have a high throughput data pump for extra large SAP ECC and BW data sets in progress. Beta program opens shortly, let us know if interested ( info at virtdb com ).


If you want to see it live