Data Unfolder Lite’s next release will come with more integrations including DropBox as storage (and bug fixes). We wanted to show you how to get the best out of it, by doing something that wasn’t easy before: visualizing operational SAP data on an iPad.

If you work with SAP ERP (ECC) as a business user, you have plenty of operational SAP data at hand but may not know straightforward ways to analyze and visualize it. Does analyzing and visualizing the SAP data on an iPad – on the go, or on a meeting – make sense to you? Like creating an impressive presentation on your team’s sales orders, absence hours or stock movements on your tablet in a minute?

There is a free iPad app created by Tableau, called Vizable, aimed to do exactly this. It takes data files as input and turns those into interactive charts, analytical visualizations.

The only thing we have to solve here is to close the gap between Vizable and SAP: enabling SAP users to send data to their iPad-s in the right format, in an easy but secure way. VirtDB Data Unfolder Lite will do the trick using Dropbox (and later other file sharing platforms, like Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Box, etc).

Once you have Data Unfolder Lite installed on your desktop machine where the SAP client runs, first you have to export the SAP data to your Windows Clipboard. Data Unfolder Lite will recognize the SAP data patterns and automatically turn the data into a Tableau compatible CSV format. You may want to change the ugly column header names provided by SAP into something more understandable – you can do it with Data Unfolder Lite’s schema management.

Once you like the format and column namings, you can send the data set to a Dropbox folder  (you may integrate multiple Dropbox accounts, not just the one registered on your desktop machine).

The rest will happen on your iPad, you start Vizable App, open the file from the Dropbox folder and thats it.

Enjoy FREE analytics on your iPad, happy data pinching and tapping 🙂