Utilize BI Visualization in SAP ERP GUI

BUDAPEST, Hungary, May 26, 2017 —  VirtDB announced the public availability of their latest product InstantInsights, an add-on for SAP systems, which enables embedding Business Intelligence visualisations into SAP GUI. The product supports SAP R/3 systems, as well as SAP S/4HANA.

VirtDB’s CEO, Péter Csillag and CTO, Tamás Holics creators of InstantInsights (https://virtdb.com/instantinsights/), believe that operational data analysis and new generation BI tools can simplify your life by providing better clarity to business decision makers. This is especially true for traditional ERP systems where users still find it cumbersome to visualise data and deliver timely reports in a world that demands faster business insights.

“SAP is the absolute market leader when it comes to ERP systems, but one drawback is its lack of easy-to-embed reporting features when it comes to operational data analysis. According to our customer feedback, most agile companies have already implemented a new generation BI tool but still face the problem of representing operational data graphically inside SAP ERP systems.”- Csillag said. “Even if they accomplish that by custom developments, in depth analysis of the data can only be performed outside of ERP: either in SAP’s own BI tools or in Tableau, Qlikview, Spotfire, etc..”- he added.

InstantInsights provides a solution to place your visualizations where it is needed the most: right into the SAP GUI. Using InstantInsights, SAP end users can have better and clearer operational insights of their business due to the integrated analytical capabilities of professional BI tools. The solution can utilize your existing BI reports and dashboards in a responsive way: for example when creating a Sales Order in SAP, a contextually filtered credit risk analysis dashboard can be displayed for the particular customer in the SAP Client. This can help the Analyst to assess the related risks before operative decisions taken.

A huge benefit of InstantInsights is that you don’t need to do any coding in the SAP system.” – explains Holics, who lead the development of the unique solution. “After installing InstantInsights, enabling your visualizations requires only configuration, no programming is needed. InstantInsights automatically detects what is on your screen (material, customer, sales document etc.) and offers analytics that are relevant to the context.”

Practically, this means that you can assign BI reports and dashboards to entities like “material” or “customer” and BI content will be offered on every SAP screen where these entities are displayed. The visualizations are pre-filtered for the data present on the SAP screen, there is no need for manual adjustments.

In addition, this tool also allows you to display non-SAP data – in a graphical way – within SAP screens without physically loading data from external systems. If your BI dashboards use data sources from non-SAP databases or web services, you can make those available to your SAP users in a simple way.

Furthermore, after the recent uncertainty surrounding indirect access usage with SAP, it is important to point out that this solution is compliant with SAP’s current licensing policy and does not involve any indirect access of SAP systems.

“Business Intelligence and Data Analysis technologies continue to make today’s businesses smarter and increasingly agile” – concluded Csillag. “InstantInsights is a key enabler for anyone who wants to use BI data visualisation technologies in their SAP GUI.”

About VirtDB Inc.

VirtDB is a Software Development startup founded in 2016 based in Budapest, Hungary with a primary goal to build solutions that improve SAP ERP reporting functionality for companies that need to move into modern times. (https://virtdb.com/)