Tableau SAP BW connection made easy

Our Tableau SAP BW integration solution is on the way


When we showcased our SAP ERP Tableau integration solution the most frequent questions from our clients and prospects were:

“Can you do the same kind of Tableau integration with SAP BW data?”

“The standard SAP BW connector of Tableau is so slow, can you do something about it?”

And finally, we can! Here is a sneak preview, how:

Open your existing BEx Query you want to use as Tableau Data Extract using BEx Analyzer. It is usually a good idea to limit the amount of data to be sent to Tableau from BW, so fill the variables of the BEx Query and save your selection as a variant.

Select the fields you need and save your layout as a View using the “BEx Analysis Toolbox: Save” button – give it a meaningful unique name.


By referencing the View’s unique name and optionally a selection variant, VirtDB enables you to either open this predefined, pre-filtered set of BW data in Tableau Desktop or schedule periodic TDE publications from SAP BW to Tableau Server.


In the background our Data Unfolder technology will execute the get the data from BW, create a TDE file from the BEx query (preserving the data type definitions of SAP) and send all BW data to Tableau Desktop / Server in the correct format – without any IT interventions needed.


Keep in mind that this product must be installed on the SAP server so the standard SAP job scheduler can be used to define your background jobs. Because your BW data is exported as a Tableau Data Extract, performance will be top notch.


Want to experience Tableau SAP BW connection the right way? 

We plan an early release in December ’16,
register for a demo and get it firsthand!

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