Self-service data transfer from SAP ERP to SAP Lumira Desktop with VirtDB Data Unfolder, this was the first use-case we have presented on the SAP Forum Hungary ’16 .

We have created a data access extension for Lumira – after installation it appears amongst the standard Lumira data source types. This extension is the Lumira side component of the integration – it compiles the data sent by VirtDB Data Unfolder.


Data Unfolder’s usage is pretty straightforward: the SAP ERP users who are authorized to use VirtDB services and have access to the required data sets in SAP (reports, queries, tables, views, etc.) can send their selected SAP data to Lumira by simply selecting “Display in Lumira Desktop” option.

The following video demonstrates it in action.

This way we have a direct data transfer from SAP ERP to Lumira Desktop, no intermediate storing or processing was required. VirtDB preserves SAP ERP side data types, we will have the SAP data appropriately formatted and classified in our visualizations. Further features of the Lumira and SAP Business Objects reporting on SAP ERP data will be presented in upcoming posts.

VirtDB Data Unfolder’s Lumira and Business Objects integration is in final beta, the public available release will be announced shortly.


If you are interested