What happens if you provide a tool for your end users that allows them to easily extract SAP data directly from the reports they use day by day? Well, everybody will be happy and your business will shine (of course). But what happens if these end users have the possibility to schedule background jobs to extract large amounts of data from SAP and load them to different BI tools? Chaos will rule the IT department very soon. Multiple jobs will be scheduled for the same data by different users, jobs will be scheduled without proper filter criteria and finally the SAP systems will be overloaded and the hair of SAP basis guys will turn grey (or fall out).

In order to prevent this chaos, we created a customizable approval process that is implemented using the standard workflow framework of SAP.

The process is simple (see the video above):

  • The end user schedules a background job to extract data from an SAP report or table
  • An administrator gets a notification message in the SAP Business Workplace that the job was scheduled and needs approval
  • The administrator checks the background job (frequency, selection criteria, target system configuration, check for similar jobs scheduled already etc.) and approves or rejects it
  • The end user gets a notification about the decision of the administrator

This simple workflow will ensure that end users will not schedule zillions of jobs without control. Naturally this workflow is extensible and customizable using the standard SAP workflow framework so if you want to have multi-level approvals or additional notifications, it is easy to implement.

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