We have seen that starting up visual analytics on SAP datasets became a walk in the park with VirtDB Data Unfolder.

Had fun with the SAP data in Tableau Desktop, gained insight, had a coffee with colleagues, what’s left for the day? Obviously we want to share the data and the visualizations created, e.g. publish the results to Tableau Server. You can publish the workbook – and the actual status of the data – from your Tableau Desktop directly, but that workbook on a static dataset will lose its actuality quickly. So, how do we keep the SAP data extracts in Tableau Server fresh?

1st option: go and request your IT department to schedule an extract of the SAP data you carefully specify, and they will automate the TDE transformation, publication, etc.

2nd option: use VirtDB Data Unfolder to self-serve. Here is how:

In the SAP client push the button, just over the data grid of any VirtDB enabled data.


“Tableau Server” menu item has three options:

  • Publish as new Datasource: this will publish the selected SAP dataset as TDE to a Tableau Server
  • Schedule extraction: will do the publication in batch mode, with options to schedule the repetitions. You can automate the periodic full extract (replace) or incremental (append) publications as well.
  • Manage workbooks: will open Tableau workbooks built on SAP extracts published to Tableau Server.

We use the first option for now (will explain the others in the next posts): select the “Publish as new Datasource”, give the datasource a meaningful name (we gave the SAP report name – MM60) and specify the Tableau project you want to publish to.


After you pushed the green OK symbol, VirtDB will open up the Data Sources page of Tableau Server in your default browser. You should see the SAP dataset published already.


You may want to build a new workbook on top of the published TDE or replace the data source under your existing Tableau Desktop workbooks – up to you.


In the next post we will show how to automate the periodic refresh of TDE-s published to Tableau Server.

If you want to see it live