Our new product, BI Bridge for SAP Solutions, displays live SAP ERP transactions in BI reports and dashboards. Embedding or linking relevant SAP screens enables analysts to access and work with SAP data in one interface and reduces the margin for error and increasing productivity.


  • Dive deeper into your SAP operational data using only your BI dashboard and get more clarity and economic reporting to users
  • Live customer, production and sales data available in a single interface for more efficient analysis reducing margin for error
  • Through a live connection to your SAP ERP no need to extract all data or develop interfaces
  • SAP BW data can also be displayed in your BI tool by embedding SAP Business Explorer (BEx) queries

Main features:

  • Tooltip Actions can display live SAP data (1)
  • Embed SAP screens and BEx queries in Tableau dashboards (2.a)
  • Drill down to SAP screens using SAP GUI (2.b)
  • Open BEx queries and SAP WebGUI in external browser (2.c)
  • Optionally trigger SAP business processes or change SAP data in Tableau dashboards
  • No server side installation required



The first release of BI Bridge for SAP is available for testing. If you are interested contact us.