InstantInsights – Visual Analytics Inside SAP

Context sensitive analytics to make better business decisions, by embedding dashboards into SAP GUI.

SAP reports are great when it comes to operational data, but it’s hard to truly understand numbers without proper visual representation. InstantInsights combines the capabilities of the best BI tools like Tableau, Qlik and Spotfire and one of the leading ERP tools: SAP together.

Visual analytics in a click

Discover trends, spikes and frauds in an instant using embedded Tableau dashboards in SAP.

Open SAP entities from Tableau

Something interesting came up? Drill down to SAP entity level by clicking on Tableau marks.

SAP fields as Tableau filters

InstantInsights is context sensitive, so you can use SAP fields to filter Tableau visualizations.


BI and ERP – Have The Best Of Two Worlds


  • Embedded visualizations in SAP GUI
  • Operational reports enriched with 3rd-party data
  • SAP license compliance
  • No programming skills required
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