Make sure content is placed to the clipboard in the correct format

If you use a report with an ALV grid, please make sure that the following two checkboxes are not checked so VirtDB Lite can recognize SAP data on the clipboard:


Figure 1 – Maintain the ALV layout settings



Tip #1

By default, VirtDB Lite takes the column headings from the clipboard as exported by SAP. Sometimes this is not really user friendly due to abbreviations. In order to have longer and more precise column headings, simply copy (CTRL-C) the column headings from the layout popup window and paste it in the Schema Editor window of VirtDB Lite (display it using the pencil icon above the data grid):


Figure 2 – Copy using CTRL-C



Figure 3 – ┬áPaste the column headings into the Schema Editor window (CTRL-V)


Tip #2

If there is no export button (“Local file…”) on an ALV list, you can still export its contents to the clipboard using the menu List->Save->File:


Figure 4 – Export the ALV list using the menu


Known issues

  • Special characters in column headings: if certain characters are in the column headings (comma, hyphen, apostrophe), the grid in VirtDB Lite will not display the values in that particular column. However, when data is exported from VirtDB Lite, all data will exist in the destination file.
  • Date format: dates are exported as strings in the format that is defined in the user master record of the current SAP user. You can change that using transaction SU3. We recommend MM/DD/YYYY because most tools like Tableau can recognize that as a date. Please make sure you log out and log in again to SAP in order to make the changes effective.

Figure 5 – Changing the date and number format


  • Non-latin characters: currently VirtDB Lite works only with latin characters. If a data field (for example a customer name) contains non-latin characters, only records up the that specific record are captured from the clipboard.
  • Output of background jobs: some reports produce an output in a different format when executed in the background, so exporting their spool output may not work properly.


Please note that we work hard to solve all these issues, so stay tuned for the next release!