The second use-case we have presented on the SAP Forum Hungary ’16 was VirtDB Data Unfolder enriching an SAP ERP dataset to make it even more valuable for analytic scenarios.
Lets continue where the previous use-case was finished: we have the SAP ERP report’s data transferred to Lumira, we had the first look on the data, already on a visual analytics friendly interface. This is where the agility gets more important in the analytical processes – many times we will identify gaps and imperfections in the first dataset.


In this particular Material List use-case we may recognize that the Material Type and the Material Group data are only codes from SAP, meaningless for most humans on this planet. We may also realize that the material prices are in multiple currencies, aggregating them without converting to a common currency just does not make sense. And let say we have a new business requirement to include additional SAP fields – which are not part of the standard Material List report – we are just blocked.
The following video demonstrates how to add descriptions of hard to understand codes, make currency conversions and add new fields to a standard SAP report – without any kind of ABAP coding – in less than a minute.


If you want to see it live