Generate data extraction reports for SAP

Do you use ABAP reports to unload data from SAP to your big data or BI platforms? We have good news for you: you can keep this approach but cut report development time using a combination of two SAP add-ons. […]

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SAP BW Data Extraction with hierarchy flattening

After countless requests from customers and prospects, we finally added SAP BW data extraction as a new feature to our product Data Unfolder. The reason behind so many companies face difficulties extracting hierarchies from SAP is that SAP stores hierarchies in table with a tree structure. It contains Node IDs and Parent Node IDs: [...]

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SAP compliant ETL jobs

Evolve ERP data extract ETL’s to become SAP compliant In previous posts we highlighted the risks of SAP Indirect Access and the increasing stringent nature of SAP licence audits in this area. As it turned out from the UK ruling in the SAP vs Diageo case - all SAP clients are at risk of unlicenced [...]

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Efficient delta extractions from SAP

Often there are datasets in SAP that grow so large it’s impossible to extract them periodically in a reasonable timeframe. Also, it makes no sense to extract records that are already in the target system and have not been changed since the last extraction. In such circumstances, the logic is to apply delta handling: transferring [...]

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Bulk transfer of large SAP ERP data sets

VirtDB’s Mass Data Extractor for SAP One of the difficulties/constraints to extracting large amounts of data from SAP ERP is memory management limitations on the SAP Application server. In instances where you want to process queries resulting from large data sets, SAP (by default) will try to read all data in-memory. When this happens, it [...]

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SAP to SQL Server data extract

Running SAP data analysis on MS SQL Server The previous use cases focused on direct integration of SAP data to BI tools. Opening an SAP report in Tableau or SAP Lumira with one click is always fun, no databases or IT support is required. Is it already the ultimate SAP data freedom? What if there [...]

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