In the recent posts we have shown how to send SAP ECC data directly to Lumira and how to enrich SAP datasets for analytic scenarios. The third use-case we have presented on SAP Forum ’16 was creating Business Objects universes on top of SAP ERP data with the help of VirtDB Data Unfolder.

SAP Business Objects (BO) is used by tens-of-thousands of analysts all around the world as the enterprise BI tool for their company. Making SAP ECC data available in Universes, the semantic layer of BO – in a well controlled but user-friendly manner – sounds reasonable. Traditionally SAP ECC data can only be utilized in BO with either going through additional layers (BW / HANA / 3rd party data stores) or by  JCo connectivity – limited to access the SAP table level only through InfoSets. If you want to build a BO Universe on top of ABAP reports or just anything customized in SAP ECC – lots of manual work, ABAP coding and relevant IT resource consumption are inherent. VirtDB Data Unfolder makes BO reporting on SAP data much more simple and effective.

In the video above we demonstrate how an SAP ECC report can be used as data source in a BO IDT Universe. By using SAP background jobs VirtDB can schedule extracts to off-peak hours – protecting the ERP from vast majority of analytical workloads.


If you want to see it live