VirtDB is a software technology startup developing new generation data access solutions. One of our main objectives is helping IT and business people to use SAP data more effectively. We plan to add other self-service data management products for further data sources and targets over time. We will connect legacy and new, personal and enterprise, on-premiseĀ  and cloud data storages to make all these data accessible for everyone, from everywhere, anytime.

VirtDB Inc. is a spin-off of Starschema Ltd, a successful big data and business intelligence service provider company. We have a seed investment round from CKTA, a Hungarian VC fund.


We believe in constant innovation through short, iterative development cycles. Our objective is to involve our customers to be involved in our projects to ensure project success. We look for frequent feedbacks so that we can serve you better.
Our customers appreciate that we want to deliver what is best for them. It is important for us to understand our customers’ business. We work with our customers to define project requirements to meet their best interests and their genuine needs. Our strategic thinking is one of our greatest asset that is widely appreciated.
We continuously improve ourselves. We measure our activities, analyze the results and design the next improvement cycle. Continuous self assessment and improvement are our credo.
Our consultancy business has a sound background in the Business Intelligence field. Our experience is manifested in our products. Our latest product is VirtDB that is a pure essence of the knowledge we have gathered so far. We continuously improve VirtDB the same way as we do ourselves.

Meet Our Team

Soma Osvay
Soma OsvayBackend Developer
Soma is crazy about technology. He started coding to solve his own problems, then worked as a .Net developer for one of Europe’s biggest pharma companies writing R&D applications before joining VirtDB.
Laszlo Kovacs
Laszlo KovacsMarketing Manager
Laszlo is and all-round player. He started as a system engineer, later became a BI consultant, then founded his own startup with Soma, where he was CEO and also responsible for marketing activities.
Peter Csillag
Peter CsillagCEO
Peter is a business intelligence and data management veteran. After spending a decade in data management consultancy teams of Oracle, Teradata, TCS, GE, he has founded Starschema Ltd, one of the biggest and fastest growing BI and big data consultancy company in CEE.
Tamas Holics
Tamas HolicsCTO
Tamas is an enthusiastic software professional with almost 10 years of experience with SAP ERP systems. He likes to do sports and have fun with his family and friends in his free time.