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Unlock Your ERP Data

Deliver operational insights faster to business users, at minimal cost, without compromising existing data governance.


Data Unfolder

Prepare and push SAP R/3 or S/4HANA data to BI platforms and Databases

Data Unfolder is a self-service solution that unlocks SAP data by letting business users extract standard and custom reports, tables, views and queries to their favorite platforms like Tableau, Hadoop, Amazon AWS and more.


Instant Insights

Context sensitive analytics by embedding dashboards into SAP GUI

SAP reports are great when it comes to operational data, but it’s hard to truly understand numbers without proper visual representation. InstantInsights combines the capabilities of the best BI tools like Tableau, Qlik and Spotfire and one of the leading ERP tools: SAP together.



SAP Consultation and Development

Do you need custom integration or functionality in SAP? Our team has extensive experience in custom ABAP development from strategy to implementation.


Dashboard implementation

Don’t have the resources to capitalize on Visual Analytics? Our experts can help InstantInsights customers implement embedded Dashboards.


BI Consultation

Our experts can help you co-create or refine your company’s BI strategy by benchmarking current capabilities, reviewing business strategy and opportunities and assembling an action plan.


Latest in use cases

Query SAP data with Spark SQL

In this article, we will show you the easiest way to load data to Hadoop and query it through Spark SQL. Spark SQL The Spark team launched Spark SQL as a Spark component for structured data processing in 2014. Users can run SQL queries, read data from Hive, or [...]

Sales dashboards in Spotfire on SAP ERP data

Push SAP® ERP data to Spotfire® desktop with a few clicks and visualize data easily. TIBCO Spotfire® helps you quickly uncover insights for better decision-making, while SAP ERP has significant percent of the data needed to get those insights. VirtDB Data Unfolder helps you to close the [...]

SAP compliant ETL jobs

Evolve ERP data extract ETL’s to become SAP compliant In previous posts we highlighted the risks of SAP Indirect Access and the increasing stringent nature of SAP licence audits in this area. As it turned out from the UK ruling in the SAP vs Diageo case - all SAP clients [...]

Efficient delta extractions from SAP

Often there are datasets in SAP that grow so large it’s impossible to extract them periodically in a reasonable timeframe. Also, it makes no sense to extract records that are already in the target system and have not been changed since the last extraction. In such circumstances, the logic is [...]